3 Reasons why Manufacturers Need to Invest in CPQ

In the cut and thrust world of business, manufacturers have to make it easy for customers to purchase from them online. However, the products they sell tend to be complex, made to precise specifications, customisable and extremely configurable. Customers want to do product configurations and get accurate pricing options quickly. After this, they want to purchase these products in the same way they do on other ecommerce platforms. Good CPQ software can fulfil the online needs of customers, so manufacturers should regard this as a top priority. Here’s why this software is vital for manufacturers that want to maximize their online revenue:

1) CPQ Boosts Sales For Ecommerce Manufacturers

B2C ecommerce platforms have greatly influenced the functions and features of platforms designed for B2B customers. Nonetheless, when selling customisable, intricate, manufactured products, there are frequently a huge number of characteristics involved. This means that there are countless product configurations that customers can opt for, which all must be priced correctly. On standard B2C ecommerce platforms, it is impossible to make these kinds of products simple to customise and purchase. CPQ software can be integrated into B2B ecommerce platforms, to optimise and support the sale of intricate products. This is a boon to manufacturers that are struggling to convert website visitors into customers.

2) CPQ Reduces Costs By Eliminating Ecommerce Ordering Errors

CPQ converts manual, laborious ecommerce ordering processes, which are vulnerable to errors, into smooth, efficient B2C-style experiences. CPQ software for small businesses can generate a substantial ROI, because it provides fast and accurate quotes to customers for intricate products. This makes manufacturing processes more reliable, lowering expenses.

3) B2B Customers Will Abandon Difficult To Use Websites

CPQ for small business, when properly designed and implemented, makes it easy to customise intricate products. This is crucial to the success of B2B ecommerce. If an online customer cannot locate the products they want, or if the prices and/or price reductions are not clearly displayed, this customer will click away from your website and check out your competitors. Leveraging the power of CPQ capabilities helps your entire team to increase sales, because this software displays information that is up-to-date.

Using QuoteWerks Through Quintadena

In collaboration with QuoteWerks, Quintadena gives manufacturers the ability to deliver speedy proposals to their customers, with numerous advantages. QuoteWerks uses an online delivery/acceptance system for quotes called QuoteValet, which creates specialised, company branded web-pages on quotevalet.com to present quotes to customers. 

This system alerts you when customers receive their quotes, and you can check how frequently they view quotes to gauge their level of interest. Customers can alter quote requests and make inquiries through their personalised quote web-page, for the ultimate in convenience. Better still, they can sign and accept quotes electronically, so everything is kept together.

More Information

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Image Source: Pexels