4 Benefits For Manufacturers Using CPQ Software

The traditional quoting process, trusted by many manufacturers for far too long, is laced with problems. Swamped by paper and ground down by manual tasks, many sales teams struggle to maximise deals or even to secure them at all! Forecasting is challenging, often because it relies on outdated or inaccurate business data; and staff are so consumed by ensuring that customers receive their entitlements under their contracts that the chance to sell profitable aftermarket items is missed.

In contrast, businesses who implement CPQ solutions can deliver accurate, reactive quotes in minutes, snatching orders from under the noses of their competitors. Bottlenecks are eliminated and sales staff are freed from manual work to spend more time focusing on securing lucrative orders.

So, what are the main benefits of CPQ software and how could it revolutionise your business’s sales strategy?

1) Accurate Pricing – And No Errors

CPQ software improves process automation and supports the accurate pricing of products and services, enabling your sales team to create attractive tailored solutions for customers without the need for these to be double-checked. As price errors are eliminated, you won’t face disgruntled customers who lose faith in your business’s integrity, and your brand will retain its reputation for honesty and accuracy.

2) Faster Quoting

Automating the quotation process significantly reduces the time spent creating contracts for customers, so sales staff can focus on chasing more leads in less time. In the cut-throat business world, sellers who deliver professional quotes quickly are more likely to secure orders; however, relying on Excel spreadsheets and multiple files can be a significant barrier to a timely response. CPQ software can provide accurate quotes in minutes, even if your business has a complex configuration of products and services.

3) A Professional, Personalised Service

Rarely do your customers fit pre-determined criteria, so flexibility is key when providing attractive quotes that meet their unique needs. CPQ software allows you to provide personalised quotes, making discrete adjustments or applying discounts as necessary. By applying best practice consistently and generating quotes in a uniform way, your brand will benefit from a professional image that treats each customer like an individual.

4) Efficient Organisation Through CRM Syncing

Syncing your CPQ software with your CRM offers huge benefits to the way your business operates. Integration removes the need to create data entries separately on each platform, saving time and preventing needless duplications. Sales staff can retrieve vital data quickly to ensure quotes are accurate and prompt, access inventory information, and make informed decisions so that quotes are competitive yet affordable.

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Image Source: Unsplash