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Established in 2005 and with over 60 years of CPQ software consultancy experience in our team. Today we work with over 750 businesses across the UK and overseas providing CPQ systems implementation, training and support.

Our unparalleled knowledge of the CPQ business process and related software has given us a unique ability to identify business needs and deliver a tailored quotation solution, addressing inefficiencies within the sales process.The term CPQ has come to be used in recent years, standing for Configure, Price, Quote. Software fulfilling these purposes has been developed with increasing sophistication to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses that essentially have to create (configure) a list of items or services, calculate a selling price and then send a quotation or proposal to a prospective or existing customer. Such software enables high quality quotations to be created, presented and managed quickly, easily and powerfully. Most such systems also handle back-to-back Purchase Orders, and Sales Order Processing if required.

So what can We do for You?

Fast Quoting Software

Speed »

Streamline yours sales process. Create accurate quotes in seconds, and finished proposals in minutes.

Custom Quoting Software

Presentation »

Stand out from the crowd with quotations and proposals created for your business.

Training and support quoting software

Online »

Know when prospects have viewed your quotations. Give customers the ability to select options and order.

Accessible quote management

Accessibility »

Access your CPQ system at any time on the move Use PC, Mac, and Smartphone.

Online accounting software quotes

Training »

Get the best out of your investment by training staff to use the software for operational efficiency and availability of management information.

Online accounting software quotes

Support »

For a fast response access our dedicated support team by live chat, screen sharing, email or phone.

Why Choose Us?

Competitive Pricing

We will provide a professionally presented proposal, following assessment of your business need

Real-time Support

Our engineers are available, by appointment, for screen-sharing support during UK office hours

Qualified Experts

Members of our team have between four and twenty-seven years’ experience in the implementation and support of CPQ Software systems