How XaitCPQ works

XaitCPQ helps organizations win more deals at better margins, by making it quick and easy to correctly build and price combinations of products and services, and to do so at scale. Having a CPQ software such as XaitCPQ allows you to have everything you need at your fingertips to close deals faster, with better collaboration, control and transparency.

In other words, XaitCPQ makes it easier for customers to buy from you!


  • Quickly and accurately price combinations of interdependent products and services.

  • XaitCPQ makes it quick and easy for your organization to correctly build and price complex combinations of products and services at scale.

  • Calculation engine – Powerful rules and calculation engine

  • Flexible – Flexible structures to accommodate any situation

  • Web-based proposals – Impress with automated web-based proposals

  • CRM – Use seamlessly with CRM

  • Intuitive – Easy to use interface – on any device

  • Integrate – Built API first to integrate easily with existing IT investments

  • Pricing – works with multiple pricing models

  • Customer Portals – Build customer portals and intelligent web pages