Want To Learn The Secrets of B2B Ecommerce Growth?

In today’s competitive marketplace, increasingly complex matrices of custom-built or configurable products makes selling more challenging than ever, particularly for small businesses who aim to recreate a B2C model when selling to other businesses. 

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software can address the challenges of selling remotely B2B, which is more important and relevant than ever with the surge in e-commerce since the outbreak of the pandemic. Seamless CPQ software for small businesses that integrates with your e-commerce platform makes it simpler for B2B customers to purchase, increasing sales and giving organisations the edge over their competitors.


If you’re a small business owner seeking powerful ways to increase the B2B fortunes of your company, CPQ software will deliver on three fronts:


1) CPQ For Small Businesses Increases E-commerce Sales

B2B models are increasingly being influenced by successful B2C sales strategies but, when products are highly customisable or complex, vast possible configurations make pricing and discounting difficult – even though the sale of these products is often the key to unlocking considerable growth.


CPQ capabilities allow for the fast and accurate pricing of bespoke or customisable products, opening new e-commerce sales channels and increasing B2B revenues. However diverse the array of products, businesses can be confident that CPQ will make product configuration easier, stimulating growth.


2) CPQ Eradicates Errors In The Ordering Process

Inaccurate orders are costly for small businesses, who frequently underestimate the financial impact that mistakes cause.


CPQ software overhauls e-commerce sales processes, making them more streamlined and straightforward. Improved B2B customer service will galvanise your business’s reputation and build confidence that the order process reflects the B2C model that has proven so efficient and accurate. Therefore, CPQ delivers an impressive ROI, facilitating fast and accurate quotes even on complex products and supporting short lead times.


3) CPQ Software Increases Profits and Value

Staying ahead of your rivals is crucial to future-proofing your business. Confusion in the sales process, with unclear prices and discounts, deters B2B customers and drives them towards your competitors.


With CPQ, customers benefit from clearer price and product information, with a better understanding of cost from the outset. Improved visibility enables you to increase your prices to achieve higher margins while demonstrating to your customers how they will enjoy better value, particularly if you offer highly customised products that your rivals are unable to match.


Transform Your B2B E-commerce Channels With a CPQ Solution

At Quintadena, we have over 60 years of experience delivering CPQ solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each business. To find out more about how CPQ could overhaul your B2B e-commerce processes, please get in touch today.

Image Source: Unsplash