QuoteWerks Quoting Software

Quick, Effective & Professional Quoting

Quintadena is the world’s leading QuoteWerks specialist. We create bespoke modules and QuoteWerks integrations to help your business quote more efficiently. Watch a quick, 4-minute tour of how it works below or contact our team to find out more.

Streamline Your Quoting System With QuoteWerks Solutions

Creating Quotes is a vital step towards making a sale, and yet this all-important task can be tedious and time consuming.

QuoteWerks’s CPQ can help you and your team research products, pricing, and specifications from a number of suppliers. It can even help you to create several variations of a quote for a customer.

Quoting Software Expertise to Fit Your Business Goals

QuoteWerks enables companies in every industry to create detailed quotes with speed and efficiency. Quintadena’s bespoke modules, integrations and QuoteWerks training can help you make the most of your new software and streamline your quoting processes.

Boost sales and profit through QuoteWerks:

  • Save time – easily send out detailed quotes & proposals in minutes
  • Streamline your sales process – with CRM & Accounts integrations
  • Professional representation of your company brand & image
  • Modern online quote delivery
  • Advanced database system for easy tracking of active quotes
  • Produce accurate, precise & comprehensive reports
  • Full Quotewerks training when you buy Quotewerks through Quintadena

QuoteWerks FAQs

QuoteWerks is a Windows Application designed to be used “on-premise”. It can, however, be deployed as a published application which will provide a “Cloud” user experience. With ‘cloud’ deployment, QuoteWerks can be accessed on a wide variety of devices, including MAC OS, iPad, iPhone etc.

QuoteWerks licensing is based on concurrent users, so as soon as one user logs out, that licence is available for another user. Annual UMP should be purchased to remain on the latest version of the software. QuoteWerks licences can be purchased outright or licensed by annual subscription.

QuoteValet is an annual subscription service. License count is based on daily maximum number of unique users; thus a “first come – first served” model of licensing. This means that whoever is the first to use QuoteValet starting at 00:00 AM each day has the license reserved for their usage for the REST OF THE DAY until 23:59 PM that day. It is recommended that the number of QuoteValet ‘seats’ matches the number of daily QuoteWerks users; this may be slightly more than the number of QuoteWerks licences.

Quintadena’s supported customers receive assistance with creating reports. Alternatively, our experienced team can create bespoke reporting solutions for your business.

UMP stands for Update Maintenance Program. Customers with valid UMP subscription are entitled to all product builds, major version releases and interim releases up to the UMP expiry date. It is not a requirement to stay current on your maintenance, but if other linked software is updated, or you update your Operating System, a legacy release may not work properly and it may become essential to update QuoteWerks to the latest release to ensure continued compatibility.

Quintadena’s dedicated support team operates within UK office hours. Support is available by email, phone and online screensharing.

Get in touch with Quintadena! We can offer emergency assistance by screensharing/phone, charged by the hour. This can be purchased on our website shopping cart under the Services menu.

Accordion Content

Quintadena’s core business is to offer solutions tailoring software to the needs of your business. Options include business consultancy or an ‘MOT’ which is essentially a system ‘Health Check’. These can be carried out onsite or remotely, and may lead to follow-on actions such as additional configuration, bespoke programming or training.

For supported customers we offer reduced consultancy rates and we’re always happy to arrange a call to review how your CPQ solution is working for your business.

With QuoteWerks integrates with most popular CRMs. If your chosen CRM does not integrate, and possesses an Application Programming Interface, we can create the necessary integration.

QuoteWerks can integrate directly with QuickBooks and the US version of Sage 50. Quintadena has developed an integration with the increasingly popular accounting solution, Xero. Third-party integrations exist with Sage 50, Sage 200 and other accounting software.

For companies whose staff have been trained by Quintadena and have a support contract with us, we would be happy to introduce a new staff member to the basics by way of an online session and phone call. For other companies, training can be provided by use of time-based support credits.

Quintadena’s most widely-used ‘Workflow & Validation’ module contains document validation to ensure details on your documents are sensible and complete.

QuoteWerks is at the core of our own business. Our experienced team can help you to achieve effective integration with other applications such as CRM and accounting software, although we do not sell or support these other software packages. We have an extensive portfolio of additional configurations for QuoteWerks, including integration with other software.

Yes, you can find the extensive online helpfile here.

When you take advantage of Quitadena’s bespoke QuoteWerks hosting you’ll get access to the full suite of QuoteWerks along with any bespoke modules created by Quintadena for you. Our Mac quoting software is web-based so makes it even easier to keep your whole team connected through QuoteWerks Mac.