Quotevalet on a purple background, to compare with quotewerks.

‘QuoteWerks VS QuoteValet’ – How The Two CPQ Tools Work Together

If you’re in the market for a CPQ (configure, price, quote) software solution to streamline your sales process, you might be wondering which platform is the best option for your business. A popular option for companies across a range of sectors is QuoteWerks.

What Is Quotewerks?

Quotewerks is an advanced, scalable CPQ platform that integrates with a variety of CRM and ERP systems, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, and includes various customisable product configurators and pricing matrices. QuoteWerks effectively bridges the gap between your sales CRM and accounting functions, providing a new way of delivering quotes to customers based on real-time pricing and stock availability.

The versatility of the system makes it easy for small businesses and their sales teams to generate accurate quotes, and follow them up, quickly and efficiently. One of the main advantages of QuoteWerks is its ease of use; even sales reps with no previous experience using a CPQ software solution can get up and running quickly, saving businesses valuable time and money on the quoting and sales process.

What Is QuoteValet?

In the course of your research, you may also have come across QuoteValet, and may even have found this article by searching for ‘Quotewerks vs QuoteValet’, hoping for a comparison between the two platforms.

In reality, however, QuoteValet is not a separate CPQ application, but is the online quote delivery and acceptance vehicle for QuoteWerks. Businesses can use QuoteWerks without QuoteValet but using the two tools together creates a more robust way of delivering quotes to your customers and prospects, while making it easier and faster for prospects to consider and accept quotes from a wider range of devices, including smart phones and mobile Internet networks.

The Pitfalls Of Sending Quotes By Email

In a conventional quoting process, most businesses deliver quotes to customers by attaching a PDF file to an email and emailing it to the customer. To view the quote, the customer needs to download and open the PDF through their email server, which isn’t straightforward on all mobile devices.

This may lead to a delay in the sales process until the customer has a convenient moment in front of his or her desktop PC or laptop, and may lead to your quotation being forgotten altogether. In some cases, email browsers may strip out PDF attachments altogether, or send unknown emails from business addresses straight to the spam folder, resulting in your quote becoming lost.

These factors can result in a slower sales cycle, wasted time unnecessarily chasing the progress of quotes, and lost sales. You’ve no real way of knowing if the customer has even received the quote email and PDF, let alone looked at it.

How QuoteValet Improves The Process

QuoteValet streamlines and improves the process by creating a personalised web page to present the quote to your customer, avoiding the need to generate and attach a separate PDF file for each quote. The prospect or customer can follow a secure link in the quotation email directly to the landing page, from which he or she can accept the quote and even make direct online payment.

QuoteValet also gives you better visibility of your CPQ process, as you can see whenever a potential client has received the quote and viewed it, and how often they review it, giving you a basis for follow-ups and a good gauge of the prospect’s level of interest.

QuoteValet is easily configured to your branding, allowing you to design attractive landing pages with a variety of interactive elements, letting your sales team keep on top of pending quotes and giving all stakeholders visibility over the progress of each sale from a single dashboard.

Find Out More

The addition of QuoteValet increases the value of QuoteWerks CPQ for businesses and raises the platform’s potential as an automation and productivity tool. If you are a current QuoteWerks user and would like to find out more about QuoteValet or are considering upgrading to CPQ software from manual sales processes for the first time, please call one of our knowledgeable team to find out more.

As vendor-approved QuoteWerks supply and support partners, we provide a bespoke implementation service that helps align your CPQ procedures with your business goals for faster sales and a lower cost per sale.