Couple are sitting at a table discussing what potential client expect from a quote.

What Do Potential Clients Expect From A Quote?

A quote request for products or services is one of the first chances you have to make an impression on a prospective customer. To maximise your chance of closing a deal, your quotation documents should be clear, concise, and follow a consistent structure. In this article, we discuss what to include in a quote and how to make a compelling quote for a prospective customer.


1) Clear and transparent pricing – Potential customers want to know exactly how much your services will cost them. Be upfront about your pricing and include all relevant costs in your quote. This will help build trust and avoid any surprises down the road.

2) Brief description of service – Your prospects should be able to understand exactly what they’re getting for their money. Include a point-by-point breakdown of services and a brief description of everything included in your quote so there’s no ambiguity about what you’re offering.

3) Visual content – A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say, and by using visual imagery and an attractive layout in your quotes, you can help prospects absorb information and make your offering appear more professional and approachable. Make sure your quote includes visual content such as charts, company logos, branding graphics, diagrams, and infographics (where appropriate), but be careful about making your quotes look cluttered or busy.

4) Easy to understand -Keep the language in your quote matter of fact and easy to understand, and avoid industry jargon and complicated concepts that might lose your viewers’ attention. You want them to be able to quickly grasp the value of your services and why it’s worth their investment – and not have to Google the meaning of multiple acronyms to understand what you’re offering.

5) Easy to respond to – Include clear instructions on how to accept or decline your quote. You should also specify when the offer expires so there’s no confusion about the timeline for making a decision. Many businesses benefit from using an automated landing page-based quotation system, such as QuoteValet, that creates a discrete webpage for each quote and allows prospects to accept or review their quotation from any Internet enabled device.

Improving Your Quotation Process With Quotewerks

Quotewerks is an advanced CPQ software application that allows businesses to create and manage accurate sales quotes. It is designed to save time and improve quote accuracy, making the sales process more efficient and transparent for both salespeople and prospects. Quotewerks integrates with many popular CRM and accounting software applications, making it easy to use in any sales workflow. This flexibility makes Quotewerks a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.

To find out more about Quotewerks and the benefits of accessing it as a managed service through Quintadena, please call one of our experienced software team today on 0121 669 1111.

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