Going over a contract for bespoke software consultancy in the security industry.

4 Benefits Of Bespoke Software Consultancy For The Security Industry

In an age of mass-produced and one-size-fits-all business software solutions, it can be easy to forget the importance of tailor-made and bespoke software for your business. Security is a complex and ever-changing industry, which is why bespoke software consultancy can provide you with the agility and flexibility you need to stay ahead of the curve. Here are four benefits of working with a bespoke software consultant when implementing a new CPQ or sales management platform in your B2B sales department:

1) Project Scoping 

Project scoping is the process of identifying all the factors that will impact a project in order to create a realistic plan for its execution. Scoping includes identifying and understanding the project’s goals, objectives, deliverables, timeline, budget, risks, and other constraints. The goal of scoping is to ensure that all stakeholders have a shared understanding of the project’s parameters so that everyone is aware of what can and cannot be accomplished within the given constraints.

Scoping is typically done during the planning phase of a project, after the goals and objectives have been established but before the project team has begun work on developing specific deliverables.

A good software consultant will take the time to understand your specific business needs and processes. They will then use this information to scope out a project that is tailored to your requirements.

2) Update And Maintain Software Licenses 

As your business grows and changes, so too will your software licensing needs. A consultant can help you to keep your licenses up to date and ensure that you have the right level of support in place. This will save you money in the long run and reduce the risk of disruptions to your business operations.

3) Help With Systems Configuration And Installation

System configuration and installation is one of the most important aspects of setting up a new sales software application. It’s often overlooked, but it’s critical to get right. Here are a few tips:

  • Be sure to document everything. This includes noting what software is installed, what version, where it’s located, and any special configuration settings.
  • Make sure all software is compatible with your operating systems and hardware.
  • Follow all instructions carefully. When in doubt, consult the documentation or support forums for help.
  • Test every feature of a new software solution thoroughly before putting it into production.
  • Have a backup plan in place in case something goes wrong during implementation.
  • Keep your system up to date with the latest security patches and software updates.

A consultant can help you with every aspect of installation and configuration for your CPQ software systems. They will declutter and personalise the user interface so that it meets the needs of your customers and sales team. This will make it easier for you and your team to use the system, saving you valuable time and resources during implementation.

4) A Tailored Training Package

Finally, a good consultant will provide you with a tailored training package that covers all aspects of your software build and the implications for each user in your sales team. Bespoke software training can be a great way to get up and running with a new software application quickly and efficiently. By working with an experienced software trainer, you can get tailored instruction that is specific to your needs and the way you like to learn. This type of training can be especially beneficial if you are new to CPQ software or if you are upgrading from manual sales management processes.

Software Consultancy Services From Quintadena

If you are looking for a way to improve your B2B security sales through a tailored CPQ software solution, then bespoke software consultancy could be the answer. By tailoring a solution to your specific needs, a consultant can provide you with significant benefits in terms of efficiency, flexibility, and cost-savings. Please call one of our experienced software consultants today to find out more.

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