What is CPQ software?

Streamlining your quotation procedures is an effective strategy to simplify the work of your sales team and reduce the length of the sales cycle. Many configuration-pricing-quotation (CPQ) software vendors claim to be able to improve the quotation process, yet many platforms cannot be customised to meet the unique needs of each business, creating unnecessary manual work required to generate quotes. Without automation, mistakes are more likely, causing delays, confusion, and – potentially – lost sales opportunities.

What is CPQ Cloud?

CPQ software simplifies the entire configure, price, quote process, providing a Cloud-based system that is incredibly easy for sales professionals to use and configure. CPQ Cloud supports businesses in all areas of the CPQ process:

  • Configuration: determining which products or services to include and in what format.
  • Pricing: deciding how much customers will be charged, taking into account variable such as raw materials cost, location, selling rules, and competition.
  • Quotation: ensuring customers receive the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision, including details of the product or service, prices, and terms and conditions.

By eliminating much of the administration involved in generating quotes and placing all tools in one convenient location, CPQ software allows sales staff to focus on active selling, so their business benefits from improved productivity and healthier bottom lines.

What are the benefits of Quotewerks CPQ?

With CPQ software by Quotewerks, businesses can benefit from:

  • Faster sales cycles
  • More accurate pricing data
  • Rapid capture of upselling and bundles
  • Reduction in errors when creating quotes or proposals and when processing orders
  • A streamlined workflow that saves time and increases sales

Why Choose Quintadena?

By partnering with Quintadena – the market leader in Quotewerks software solutions – your business can be assured of working with a CPQ software supplier who has the experience and know-how to deliver an outstanding solution that transforms your organisation’s sales force:

  • A customisable quoting platform that supports effective CPQ-CRM integration, so your business can enjoy streamlined processes to achieve immediate cost savings.
  • A team of dedicated software engineers who can provide real-time, responsive support.
  • A comprehensive range of add-ons to enhance the functionality of your quotation software.
  • Large project implementation team to manage the most complex of sales systems and workflow.
  • Integrated tools to improve business processes, including management report generation; sales targets; native CRM and accounting integration; complex production and delivery documentation; invoicing; and POP and SOP functionality.

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