Training By Quintadena

Basic training is included in our Standard Implementation, however we also offer a number of Advanced courses for users with more specialised requirements. If you feel you require training or advice in a field which is not listed here, please contact us to discuss.

Document Design and Layout

A 1.5-hour training course in document design, after which you will be equipped to make all but the most radical adjustments to your own documents. This course will be specific to your company and only people from your company will attend. Most companies will send only one delegate, but we will train up to four at the same time if requested.

Document Editing

CPQ software providers document editing

This course lasts for 1.5 hours and includes our advice with regard to setting up optional products to encourage up-sell in and getting the best out of the Approval mechanism.

Microsoft Excel integration

CPQ CRM Microsoft Excel integration

Does your business have an Excel spreadsheet or several Excel spreadsheets which have been developed in-house over a period of time in order to deal with your pricing needs?

Do you wish to retain the tried-and-tested accuracy of these spreadsheets?

Quintadena will provide our Excel Integration Module and train your administrator in its setup and management so that you do not have to set your spreadsheets aside.

This course lasts for two hours and includes a copy of Quintadena’s Excel integration module licensed to your company. Only delegates from a single company will be trained together.

Report Writing with native reporting tools

QuoteWerks CPQ report writing with native reporting tools