Your Step-By-Step Guide To Working With QuoteWerks Quoting Software

QuoteWerks is a highly technical on-premises or cloud-based quoting solution, with a strong suite of tools to generate accurate and relevant customised quotes and proposals for your customers. If your question is no longer “What is QuoteWerks?” but how to use the software to streamline your sales process, then this article explains the best way to set up your account and begin customising quotes for your prospects.

1) Search

QuoteWerks makes it easy to search for your customer information from your existing CRM or PSA. To find your customer information, simply open QuoteWerks and click on the “Sold to/Ship to” tab. Type in your customer information on the lookup tab and press enter or the magnifying glass to start your search. QuoteWerks will automatically retrieve contacts saved to your CRM or PSA system and return a list of matching customers. From there, you can select the customer you want to work with and begin QuoteWerks’s simple quoting process.

2) Create

Once you’ve selected your customer or prospect, head to the “Document items” tab and select section headers to organise your document. This is a great way to segment your document and makes it easy for the client to understand the breakdown of what you are selling to them, as well as any discounts and promotional codes that have been applied to the quote. To add a section header, right click on your mouse and choose “Insert Section Header, and then type in your headers. Repeat the process to add as many headers as needed.

Next, add items to your document by clicking on the “Products” icon, which opens a look up window. Select the database where you imported your product and highlight the items/products that you need. Then click on the “Select/Add” tab to open the add assistant window, which allows you to make some minor adjustments to the selected item, such as quantity and pricing structure. Finish by saving your document.

3) Review

QuoteWerks has built-in features to facilitate peer reviews and quote approvals from sales managers and executives, ensuring that mistakes are caught and corrected before the quote is sent to the customer. The approval process also ensures that all quotes are within the company’s desired margin.

4) Generate

The platform comes with various built-in templates that you can use and configure to your branding by adding logos, your preferred fonts, colours etc, or you can create your own custom template from scratch. Once you have selected the right template for your products and services, you will need to decide how you want to deliver the quote to the customer. There are several different file format options for quote presentation, including PDF and HTML (for emails – the customer clicks on a link in an email sent by the platform, which takes them to an HTML webpage).

5) Send

QuoteWerks makes it easy to send interactive quotes via email. Customers can electronically sign and accept quotes and make payment online by credit/debit card from a secure webpage, shortening your sales cycle and making it more convenient for your customers to do business with you.

6) Order/Export

Once the customer has made a payment or accepted a quote on credit, users can easily export orders and submit them to accounts for approval, with integrations to major accounting platforms, including Xero and Sage. After approval, QuoteWerks can send the order details directly to fulfilment, making it easy to get products shipped out as soon as possible.

What Next?

QuoteWerks is a market-leading software solution for quotations and proposals, used by thousands of businesses throughout the world. Contact Quintadena today to learn more about how we can help your business streamline its quoting process through QuoteWerks as a managed service.