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Don’t Be Left In The Dark – How Quintadena Provides Quoting Software Training To Increase Your ROI

Most modern software applications are designed to be easy-to-use. No one wants to invest in a platform that requires degree-level technical knowledge to use efficiently. However, with technical, in-depth quote-making software platforms, such as IT Quoter and QuoteWerks, it often takes a while for users to get comfortable with the system and become familiar with its features and tools, especially when there are complicating factors at play, such as CRM system integration.

At Quintadena, we provide quoting software training as an intrinsic part of our service, and most customers find that it is a great way to increase their ROI and get to grips with the full potential of their new investment in a shorter time.

Why invest in training?

Most software applications come with a user training manual, combined with free online training materials – e.g. videos, FAQs, blogs – and maybe a developer community, Facebook group, or user forum to which you can address questions. However, this training material does not come with a structure or schedule and is not relevant to the needs of all users. Therefore, most businesses find they use only a few elements of the quoting process, which leaves a lot of potentially useful tools unused.

In our experience of overseeing software implementations for a wide range of customers, we believe it is best practice to be able to utilise every element of the quoting process made available by your software. Through bespoke training, we give your team the knowledge and confidence to use your platform accurately and efficiently, managing each module and feature to create a more organised and professional quoting process.

Standard and advanced training

Different people in your organisation will need different levels of training to get the best use of your quoting software. Most people will need only a basic awareness of the package to avoid errors, whereas people who use the software every day might benefit from advanced training to improve their skills and productivity.

At Quintadena, we provide basic training with every standard implementation, covering the core tools and skills required to operate your software, and customisable advanced courses for users with more specific requirements.

What does quoting software training cover?

We provide training in the following areas:
 System configuration, customisation, and setup.
 Administrative functions, including user access rights, permissions and approvals.
 Quotation and proposal document design and layout, including branding.
 Document editing and quote creation processes.
 Microsoft Excel integration, and data uploads from Excel spreadsheets and CSV files.
 CRM and accounting integration.
 Integration with SalesForce, HubSpot, and other marketing or business software.
 Report writing with in-built reporting tools, and exporting data to generate reports in Excel and other applications.

Find out more

At Quintadena, we provide a range of tailored cloud-based and on-premises quoting software solutions, to meet the needs of businesses in all sectors. Whether you are in the process of upgrading your cloud quoting software to a more responsive and customisable package, or are already a QuoteWerks or IT Quoter customer, we provide the tailored training you need to up-skill your team, improve performance, and reduce mistakes. To find out more or to start the ball rolling, please give us a call today for an informal discussion of your company requirements.

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