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Manage the end-to-end proposal and sales process from an integrated CPQ platform from Quintadena.

Sales Proposal Software from Quintadena

Our customisable software solutions let you create detailed and accurate sales proposals, reducing the admin burden on your sales team and improving transparency throughout your sales process.

Proposal software

What is proposal software?

Most businesses depend on compelling proposals to win new clients, generate revenue, and expand their markets. Proposal software helps businesses manage the full proposal writing, bid management, and sales process from one application, while also automating many of the manual and repetitive tasks involved with the process.

Salespeople can collaborate with colleagues in the marketing, financial, production, and customer service departments to issue personalised proposals from wherever they are based, with integrated workflows that provide up-to-date information to all stakeholders from any Internet-enabled device.

Follow-ups, amendments, and customer communications are all logged within the sales proposal system and updated in real time, avoiding duplications, delays, and human error.

Integrated quotation and proposal management

Although they are commonly used interchangeably, quotes and proposals are different terms.

quote is a cost-centred document that provides a general breakdown of equipment, materials, and labour cost estimates associated with a project or service. It typically features a limited number of variables, characterised by facts with little room for interpretation.

proposal is more client-centred and provides a detailed project outline in response to a customer’s requirements. An ideal proposal should contain:

  • A scope of work that describes the project
  • A list of milestones, dates and how to achieve them
  • Similar information contained in the quote
  • Client objectives, benefits, and results
  • Company credentials and proof of performance
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How our proposal software solutions can streamline your sales process and help grow your business:

  • Save time. Preparing proposals from scratch is time-consuming for your sales team. Dedicated proposal management software provides easy-to-use templates that enable users to generate proposals quickly and easily.
  • Create personalised proposals. A good proposal management platform can help you add a personal touch to your proposals. This is essential in developing an instant connection with your target market and cultivating a relationship of trust.
  • Track proposal metrics. It is essential to monitor your proposal’s performance metrics to make strategic sales decisions. For that reason, our sales proposal software solutions have inbuilt monitoring and analytics tools that help you track the progress of each proposal, and the actions and points of engagement associated with each customer.

Maximise Your ROI

Our proposal software solutions integrate the latest software trends to futureproof your investment and provide the best value for money.

1) Integration capabilities
Proposal software should work in collaboration with your existing systems to drive sales. We can tailor your implementation and product build to easily integrate with your CRM, accounting platform, invoicing software, and other business systems.

2) Customisable to the needs of your team and customers
Templates are essential in hastening the creation of professional-looking proposals for sales and other uses. Our proposal software platforms all come equipped with several high quality, customisable templates for various business needs.

Every feature can be modelled to meet the needs of your customers, the working practices of your sales team, and your business objectives.

3) Advanced software algorithms/AI

AI-based proposal writing software allows users to generate content automatically by harnessing the power of various AI tools, such as deep learning and natural language processing. Proposal generation software leverages these tools to analyse business data, customer behaviour, and sales forecasts to provide accurate proposals that meet the precise needs of your target customers within your margin targets and business capabilities.

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Sales Proposal Software FAQs

Sales proposal software is the perfect tool for streamlining your sales and quoting process. Proposal management software gives clear visibility for every stage of the sales process and can integrate with accounting software and other tools to keep all information accessible and all in one place to eliminate delays and costly mistakes.

Quintadena provides full setup and training for all of our products and is always available for any questions you might have. We’ll create custom integrations to make switching over to your new system a breeze with a full walkthrough to answer any questions you or your team might have.

Yes, absolutely. Our AI-based software uses advanced software algorithms to provide accurate proposals that meet you and your customer needs. Contact our team to find out more.