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Save time, save money, and increase productivity with a tailored quotation software solution from Quintadena.

As the #1 QuoteWerks Solution Partner since 2007, we offer tailored CPQ software solutions to meet the needs of businesses in a range of sectors, alongside market leading training, implementation support, and after sales care.

What is Quoting Software?

Quoting software (also known as quote management software or CPQ software) is a platform designed to streamline your sales operations by automating the quote request and proposal process. Its primary purpose is to generate quick and accurate quotes for customers, enabling more responsive customer service and a shorter sales cycle.

A quoting platform eliminates the need for manual management of documents and proposals. Through its various automation tools, quote management software makes it faster and easier for salespeople to determine precisely what is needed for a particular job and what it will cost. 

A good quoting software such as our quote and invoice software will have the following features:

  • Quote creation
  • Custom estimates
  • Status updates for quotes
  • E-signature and online payments integration

Our estimating software solutions can be tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes and in various industries. Our team is always on hand to help you get the best value from your investment with dedicated training and support.

Quoting Software

Why Invest in a Dedicated Quoting Software Platform?

As your business grows, the demands on your sales team to generate fast and accurate quotes that meet your customer service and profit margin targets also increase. A tailored quoting solution enables your team to handle an increased volume of proposal requests, with personalised discounts and non-standard services included with each calculation, generating professional and accurate quotes at the click of a button.

quote creation tool

Boost Productivity

Our quoting software solutions provide a range of automation tools which hasten the process of creating price estimates and related service documents. Each quote can be monitored and traced through the platform in real time, from the moment of issue to acceptance and payment, with a clear chain of accountability to ensure that no sales lead goes cold. 360° visibility means less time spent manually chasing sales leads, facilitating greater throughput, and freeing your team to spend more time making sales.

Enhance Accuracy

Generating accurate price quotations is essential for the success of any business. With manual calculations, it can be challenging to ensure the accuracy and consistency of quotes since spreadsheets and ad hoc calculations are prone to human error. Quote management software leverages complex algorithms, past data, and mathematical calculations to ensure quotes are accurate, and are consistent with your required sales margins. 

Build your Brand

The ability to generate accurate and professional quotes can help your long-term business growth and brand-building goals. It also inspires customers’ confidence, which is essential in building a solid reputation and long-lasting relationships in your market. 

Why Choose Quintadena as your Quoting Software Provider?

To find out more about quotation software and how our CPQ solutions can enhance your sales model to reduce your cost of sales and boost productivity, please contact one of our knowledgeable team today on +44 121 669 1111.

Quoting Software FAQs

Does Your Quoting Software Integrate With Other Programs?

Both desktop and cloud-based quoting systems provided by Quintadena have several integrations with common CRM and PSA systems. Our quoting software also integrates with accounting software, vendors and distributors as well as offering shipping integrations.

In addition to this, Quintadena also provides a number of bespoke modules and integrations so you can get the most out of your quoting tool combined with the systems that benefit your business the most.

How Can CPQ Software Help My Quoting Process?

Configure price quote software is designed to streamline how your business generates and follows up on quotes. For those who use manual processes such as Microsoft Excel for quoting or Google Sheets, CPQ software solutions can revolutionise the speed and accuracy of quoting. CPQ software companies such as Quintadena with QuoteWerks create bespoke solutions to fit your specific business needs and reduce labour from team members. Find out more about what CPQ software is and how it can help the quoting process here.

Why Choose Quintadena for CPQ Software?

Quintadena is the world’s number one QuoteWerks partner and offers unbeatable bespoke quote system services in the UK. We create custom quoting system integrations based on your business needs and provide a full system setup and training for your team to help you get started right away. Our hosted QuoteWerks is ideal for remote or hybrid teams that need access to CPQ Software from different locations.

Which Software is Best for Quotation?

As experts in dedicated quoting platforms and the number one QuoteWerks partner, we would always recommend QuoteWerks as the best quotation software. QuoteWerks quoting software allows countless integrations with existing software for a seamless and error-free quoting process. At Quintadena, we can also create custom modules to keep all of your quote management systems in one place in a way that helps your business excel.

What Are the Benefits of a Quote System?

Using a dedicated quoting system can help save you time and resources as well as ensuring your quotes are created, managed and distributed accurately with complete accountability. You’ll be able to keep track of all of your documents in one central place with the ability to filter by date, company, sales rep, expiration date, and more.


Standardised pricing, margins and workflows maintain accuracy in a quoting system so you can create, deliver and close sales faster. Whether you are looking for builders estimating software that can be accessed on the go, a dedicated sales management system or an all-encompassing security quote management system to give a professional edge to B2B communications, our quoting system can help.

What is CPQ Software for Quoting Software?

CPQ software stands for configuration pricing quotation software and is used to simplify and streamline the quoting process for businesses.  CPQ systems can be cloud-based and often, like QuoteWerks CPQ offer a number of integrations to help make quoting more accurate and accountable. Find out more about CPQ software in our blog.

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