Quintadena’s Unique CPQ Delivery.

Our Standard Implementation is a powerful process that we’ve refined over the last 10 years. This unique way of delivering a solution offers rapid access to the benefits.


What’s Included In Our Standard Implementation?


System configuration and installation

  • Integration with your CRM & accounting systems.
  • If on-premise, installation on your server & activation on each workstation
  • Setup of user logins, with appropriate user permissions and preferences
  • Removal of unrequired menu items to ‘de-clutter’ the interface
  • Configuration of documents* with Your company details, colours and logo
  • Product lists imported, if required (we’ll supply you with an import template)
  • Our standard management reports
  • Setup of Quintadena extension applications if purchased.

Training programme

Our training course is delivered as 2 x 1-day classes, separated by 2 weeks.

  • Day 1 covers the basics of quoting. We recommend that users start to use the solution for real immediately after Day 1.
  • Day 2 will ideally take place after you have been in live operation for a week or two, and starts with a clinic session where users can raise any specific queries they might have encountered whilst using the software. The remaining time is used to cover more advanced topics.


Our standard implementation includes one year on our Annual Support Contract: UK office hours access to our dedicated support team through online remote desktop sessions, live web chat, telephone, and e-mail.