Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Choosing a New Quotation Solution

For businesses integrating a quotation solution for the first time, it is often easy to underestimate the effort that is required to document your workflow and the processes that must be put into place to achieve optimal implementation of your new quoting software. It is easy to deploy a new solution that claims to be “industry standard”, however, without first evaluating the workflow such a system may demand, you could find that your business has bitten off more than it can chew.


 If your business does not entirely understand what type of quotation software it requires, a few integral mistakes can be made, the first being;


Choosing a System That Is Too Complex For Your Business Needs. 

Some quotation software companies will not advise if they think a system is too sophisticated for their client, which can incur unnecessary additional charges for the business buying the solution. Being overly concerned with the technical aspects of the system, as opposed to understanding what it does and how it can benefit your company can be detrimental to the success of the implementation, financially disastrous, and unproductive if you are unable to use the new quotation software. This is where QuoteWerks can create a bespoke solution designed to tackle your business needs efficiently and cost-effectively, without any surprise add-ons or unnecessary extras. 


Focusing On The Cost Of The Solution, Instead Of Its Practicality. 

Many companies are solely concerned with the price of the quotation solution, rather than its functionality, and will soon find that the new system is not capable of meeting their unique needs. Finding the right quotation solution should not only be based on pricing, but also the solution’s capability, and whether it can fulfill your business needs; although it may not always be the cheapest option, it will save you both time and money, as you will not have to replace your initial system. 


Insufficient Investment In Staff Training Can Lead To Huge Knowledge Gaps When Using The New System. 

The implementation of a system that is dependent upon the expertise of a single employee or external consultant creates problems if, for whatever reason, that individual becomes unavailable. The same can be said about using an implementation consultancy; they not only create the possibility for failure, but can also create unrealistic expectations of how long the project may take, leading to employee miscommunication, and even overpromising from clients. 


Business Owners Tend To Make Mistakes When It Comes To The Actual Technology.

The decision to choose a system that is incompatible with current hardware and fail to budget for any hardware upgrades required may be financially detrimental to the business. As a result, if the users aren’t involved in the evaluation, demonstration, and purchasing stages of the implementation process, your company could end up with a lack of user buy-in, resulting in problems at go-live.


This is where QuoteWerks and ITQuoter can create a bespoke solution designed to tackle your business needs efficiently and cost-effectively, without any surprise add-ons or unnecessary extras. If you are uncertain what the most appropriate quoting software would be for your company, contact a member of our team, who would be more than happy to help create a bespoke CPQ software solution that will meet all of your business requirements.

Image Source: Pixabay