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Watch the Webinar on Quintadena’s Updated Workflow and Validations Add-On

Watch our latest webinar on catchup as Paul Hodgetts, managing director of Quintadena, talks through one of our innovative QuoteWerks add-ons, the Workflow and validations add-on for QuoteWerks quoting software. 

What is Covered in the Workflow and Validations Third Party Add-On Module Webinar?

Paul, in conversation with QuoteWerks marketing coordinator Grace Adamson, walks us through the new and improved workflow and validations module and how it works to improve your quoting process.

What Does the Workflow and Validations Module Do?

The workflow and validation module from Quintadena helps to streamline your quoting process by automating certain tasks through scheduled processes using custom triggers to fit your business needs. Here are the core features of the workflow and validations add-on covered in the webinar:

  • Document validation for complete and correct documents
  • Email notifications that keep customers & colleagues up-to-date
  • Agent commission calculations
  • Automated layout printing at specified points in your sales pipeline

Watch the Workflow and Validations Add-On Module Now

Watch the webinar on our workflow and validations module with Paul Hodgetts on the link below to find out everything you need to know about one of our most popular QuoteWerks add-ons.

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