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How Can Quoting Software Improve The Efficiency Of Your Sales Team?

Automated quoting software can improve the efficiency of your sales process by managing every element of your customer quotes and estimates – enabling you to generate custom quotes quickly and accurately. Let’s look at the main ways in which investing in sales quoting software can improve the productive efficiency of your sales team.

1. Tracking Changes

One of the most useful benefits of quoting software is the ability to track any changes that are made to a quote in real-time. This enables you to keep track of customer requirements or preferences by providing an organised and centralised system for reviewing and tracking updates to a quote. With information accurate and up-to-date, there is less manual work and back-and-forth communication involved with quote creation and approval. You will better placed to predict customer needs in future, as well as providing more responsive customer service when responding to enquiries on existing quotes.

2. Easy Distribution

Quotation software automates the whole CPQ process, allowing you to make, send, and track quotes automatically – saving your sales team valuable time and enabling them to focus more on sales. Quoting platforms make it easy to distribute quotes to your customers through email or other channels, such as social media or even SMS, directly through the application. You can also create PDF versions of quotes for electronic or hard copy distribution, making it easier and quicker for customers to review and accept your quotes without having to wait for paperwork or other documents. Integral distribution tools also reduce the risk of errors arising from manual copying and transferring of data.

3. Create Custom Reports

Quotation software allows you to generate sales and status reports at the click of a button, helping you to analyse key metrics such as total revenue generated by sales quotes, the average time taken per quote, and more – depending on your criteria for success. This equips you with the knowledge you need to make targeted changes and improve your sales efficiency based on this data.

4. Reduce Errors

Quoting software can reduce error and admin time by streamlining and automating every aspect of the quotation process, enabling your sales team to close deals more quickly. Automating time-consuming manual processes such as pricing calculations and follow-ups can improve the accuracy of your quotes, and save you time correcting mistakes retrospectively – as well as increasing customer satisfaction.

5. Simplifies The Process

Quotation software can streamline your CPQ process by eliminating unnecessary manual steps, such as re-entering data into multiple systems, or manually creating quotes from scratch each time a customer requests one, drawing data from multiple spreadsheets. Instead, all sales data is drawn from one cloud-based database, making it quicker and easier for your sales staff to get up-to-date information at any time without having to worry about access or security issues.

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