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Common Quoting Problems And How To Fix Them

Responding to a quote request is your first chance to make a serious and professional impression on your customers. You may have spoken informally before through marketing channels, but your quote and the way you handle the process will demonstrate to potential customers both the value of your services and your commitment to efficient customer service. Unfortunately, however, quoting can be a source of frustration for both your customer and your sales team! In this article, we look at five frustratingly common quoting problems and how to resolve them.


Misquoting occurs when an MSP delivers a quote with the incorrect pricing or service description, or with discounts and details missing. At the very least, this can make you appear unprofessional, slowing down the sales process and could cost you the business deal. Most misquoting errors occur while using spreadsheets, the best way to avoid misquotes is to doublecheck all quotations before sending them out. Making sure that all pricing information is up-to-date and accurate. Another way to eliminate this issue altogether is by automating your quoting process by upgrading to bespoke quoting software.

Discounting Issues

Many services provided by IT MSPs accommodate multi level discounts and payment plans, so it’s essential for your sales team to provide discounts in a way that doesn’t undercut profit or devalue your offering. When discounts are provided on quotes, they should be based on factors such as volume or the length of the customer relationship, rather than simply offering ad hoc discounts without conditions attached. A quoting platform allows a consistent and strategic approach to discounting that sustains your margins and encourages customer engagement. All, without hurting your profitability, or providing unfair treatment to some customers over others.

Missed Upsell Opportunities

The quoting process is a relationship building process as much as anything else, in which the terms of business engagement are determined with potential customers. There are, therefore, often upsell and cross sell opportunities that may be missed if your CPQ process is not strategically overseen and directed in accord with your business objectives. A business quoting platform will empower your sales team to think beyond simply providing your basic services and look for ways they can add value through additional services and products at an affordable price point within the customer’s budget.

Slow Response Times

Although the quotation process shouldn’t be unduly rushed, no customer likes to wait too long, and a slow response time can give the customer the impression that you do not value their business. Unfortunately, companies that depend on manual quotations often experience quote bottlenecks, resulting in unacceptable delays and missed sales opportunities. Investing in quote making software or a 360° CPQ system will streamline and automate your process, making it easier for your sales team to respond quickly to requests with accurate information.

Poor User Experience

The user experience is an incredibly important factor when creating quotes for potential customers. If it’s difficult or cumbersome for customers to review or approve your quotes, then they may give up quickly instead of pursuing with the purchase. A good sales platform will ensure that your quote forms are straightforward and easy-to-use, so that customers don’t get frustrated or confused halfway through the process. Using sales quoting software will also make your quotes more accessible to mobile users, helping optimise your quotes for smaller screens and mobile connections, and encouraging a faster sales cycle.

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