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The Benefits Of Integrating QuoteWerks With Your CRM Software

QuoteWerks is a highly varied and technical solution compared to some quotation applications, and is currently still only available as an on-premises solution. However, in terms of configuration options, customisation, and features, QuoteWerks remains unbeatable, and one of its key strengths is its ability to integrate with a variety of CRM platforms. In this article, we explain why this integration capacity is so essential for QuoteWerks users, and how it can help businesses maximise the value of their quotation software.

Third-party integrations

QuoteWerks integrates with a long list of leading Customer Relationship Management systems to help keep your records consolidated and up-to-date, while avoiding duplications. Automatic integrations include:

 ACT!
 ACT for web
 Autotask
 ConnectWise
 GoldMine
 Google Contacts
 Maximizer
 Microsoft Dynamics CRM
 Microsoft Outlook (and Outlook Business Contacts Manager)
 SalesForce
 SalesLogix / Infor CRM
 SugarCRM
 Zoho CRM

(IT Quoter, as a cloud-based quote making application, also integrates with a wide range of third-party CRMs, and has recently added native integration with Dicker Data and ConnectBooster.)

How to integrate QuoteWerks with your CRM

The process of integrating your CRM with your quote making software varies from application to application. With some supported CRMs, for instance, you may be able to affect integration using a simple wizard or tutorial, while other applications – such as older CRM versions or bespoke software – may need a tailor-made API. In either case, integration can be a delicate process that is ripe for time-consuming delays and mistakes – which can be both frustrating and expensive to resolve.

At Quintadena, our team combines over 45 years’ experience of managing QuoteWerks integrations for all types of business, so our goal is to make the process as quick and easy for you as possible. Where there is in-built integration capacity, we can project-manage the process for you during software implementation, with after sales technical support available by phone during office hours if you run into any problems, or have questions about migrating data. All other CRM integrations can be managed through our QuoteWerks API, a custom application that forms a seamless bridge between QuoteWerks and your CRM, enabling two-way access and automated updates between the two platforms.

The benefits of CRM integration

The advantages of allowing your CRM and QuoteWerks to speak to each other cannot be overstated. Firstly, integration eliminates the need to make data entries independently on each platform. This is a huge and immediate time-saving, and also prevents missed updates and duplications, which can cause havoc for collaboration among remote teammates.

One of the advantages of QuoteWerks over other, similar, platforms, is its capacity to integrate sales quotes with a wide range of business processes, so by accessing your CRM, your quotation process can be integrated with inventory management. This enables salespeople to retrieve crucial data from the same system, speeding up the quote process and keeping everyone on task. After integration, your quoting system will feature workflows with alerts and reminders that feed directly into your CRM. This will help keep everyone on your sales team on the same page and ensure that the requirements of your customers are not lost in translation, missed in error, or routed to the incorrect person.

Find out more

Quintadena are the UK’s number one QuoteWerks reseller, providing the platform as a managed, on-premises solution. To discuss your QuoteWerks integration, installation, configuration, training, and support requirements, or to request a quote, please get in touch with our software team today.

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