QuoteWerks Sale

Why has Quintadena Ltd been the World Leading QuoteWerks Solutions Partner every year since 2007?

In 2005 the phrase Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) had not yet entered the vocabulary.  Systems existed which were certainly CPQ systems, but they would have been spoken of as sales quoting software, quote software, proposal software or simply quotation software.

It was at that time that the two founder-members of Quintadena Ltd came together, one from a background in large systems project management in the field of invoicing software, the other having spent many years implementing and supporting manufacturing quotation software in the sign manufacturing industry. They determined to build a business focusing upon the supply of quotation management software initially in the sign manufacturing sector, where the first two major clients were secured, but hoped to broaden out in time to other market verticals.

The key point here is that Quintadena Ltd came into being with the specific mission to be suppliers of quotation management software or, as it would be called today, CPQ systems.

After much research, QuoteWerks was identified as the sales quoting software solution which appeared to have the greatest chance of success and, although other systems have been added to the portfolio in recent times (mostly to address specific sectors such as the IT MSP sector and Security, Home Automation and Fire Prevention suppliers) QuoteWerks has been, and remains, very much the core business.

There is competition in the field of CPQ software, but much of that competition comes from businesses whose core activity lies in other fields, such as Accounting Software or Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Quotation management solutions are not central to their business models and may be regarded as somewhat peripheral in many cases.

Quintadena Ltd is tightly focused on the sale, provisioning, and support of CPQ software. Its consultants and technicians are firmly grounded in the workflows which apply to the quote-to-cash section of the business process. To the people at Quintadena Ltd, quotation management systems are not an add-on, they are the bread-and-butter of their livelihood.

That is the greatest single reason why Quintadena Ltd has been the World-leading QuoteWerks Solutions and Development Partner since 2007, and continues to retain that slot, in the face of competition, year after year. We are specialists in CPQ