A business owner drawing a graphic of a lightbulb full of business buzzwords as they use CPQ software in their small business that has integrated with salesforce.

Why Your Business Needs CPQ Software If You Have Salesforce

If your business is using Salesforce, then implementing CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software is an essential strategy for streamlining your sales process and driving revenue growth. A customisable CPQ platform, such as QuoteWerks, can be tailored to your business model in order to automate your sales processes, reduce errors, and improve communication between your sales team and your customers.

Let’s look at why a CPQ platform is an essential investment for Salesforce users.

The Benefit Of Salesforce/CPQ Integrations

When integrated with Salesforce, CPQ software can supercharge your sales process, allowing your sales team to quickly and accurately configure products or services, price them in line with your pricing rules, and generate professional quotes in a very short time. This not only speeds up the sales process and avoids quote request bottlenecks from building up, but also reduces the likelihood of errors that can occur when these tasks are performed manually (especially when sales teams are creating high volumes of quotes by hand, using complex spreadsheets).

Not all CPQ platforms are capable of fully integrating with Salesforce. However, by choosing a platform with seamless two-way integrations between Salesforce and your other business systems, you’ll have all your relevant customer data at your fingertips whenever you need it, empowering your sales team to provide a more personalised and efficient proposal and estimation service to your customers.

Enhanced Efficiency And Customer Satisfaction

A major advantage of CPQ software is its ability to increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. Why? Because it makes it easier for sales teams to respond to customer enquiries and provide accurate quotes more quickly. This level of efficiency is essential in today’s fast-paced digital environment, in which customers expect almost immediate responses to their online sales requests. By integrating the CPQ with Salesforce, the sales team can be sure they are quoting the correct product with the options that the customer requested. This not only speeds up the purchase process, but also reduces the chance of errors being made, which can be frustrating for the customer. An ‘extra mile’ level of professionalism can set your business apart from competitors and help foster long-term business credibility with your customers.

Data Analysis And Forecasting

Salesforce CPQ integration doesn’t just improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your sales process; it also provides valuable insights into how your business operates. For example, the software can track and analyse data related to popular product configurations, successful pricing and discount strategies, and average quote response times, providing a wealth of information about strategic opportunities for upselling or cross-selling. These insights can prove invaluable for forecasting and planning purposes, helping your business stay agile and competitive in a rapidly changing market.

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