A small business owner looking to level up using quoting software

How Can Quoting Software Level Up Your Small Business?

Sales quoting software can help you level up your small business, allowing your sales team to focus more of their time on closing deals which increases both productivity and efficiency. Let’s look at the five main ways that a good business quoting software platform can enhance customer satisfaction and increase revenues for your company.

1. Improve Your Productivity

Quoting software streamlines the process of creating and following up quotes, reducing the time and resources spent on manual processes. Small businesses simply cannot afford to be slow if they want to compete with larger service providers. With a CPQ system, you can reduce the time required to create quotes, seal approvals, generate supporting documents which results in higher productivity and more sales.

2. CRM Integration

Business quoting software will integrate with your customer relationship management (CRM) systems, allowing you to access customer information quickly and accurately when preparing the quote, and keeping track of all customer communications, revisions, and follow-ups within the same platform. This reduces manual work and also makes it more straightforward to track customer orders and provide a more personalised and responsive service.

3. Improved Customer Experience

Small businesses must ensure that their customers have an excellent experience when using their services and purchasing products, this starts from the moment a quote request is received. A sales quoting software application facilitates this by automating the process, enabling faster responses to customers who are looking for a quick turnaround on the services and products they need.

4. Reduced Human Error

Inaccuracies, omissions, and errors arising from honest mistakes are the plague of the sales process in many small businesses. This doesn’t make it more acceptable or less frustrating for customers, however. Investing in a CPQ system will reduce human error during the sales process, by ensuring that all data entered into the system is automatically updated across the platform, for complete consistency and accuracy. This avoids frustrating discrepancies in pricing and product information that could hold up or derail a sale.

5. Shorter Sales Cycle

Time is money for small businesses, so an unnecessarily long sales cycle can play havoc with your cash flow. By automating key tasks such as quote follow-ups and delivery notifications, investing in a quoting platform can speed up your sales cycle significantly. This ensures that customers receive their quotes faster without sacrificing accuracy or quality. This creates a good impression of your service delivery credentials and speeds up the process of finalising the deal.

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