A sales director of car dealership holding out new car keys to a customer, boosting their sales using CPQ systems in their car sales process.

Why Go Manual When You Can Go Automatic? Benefits Of CPQ Systems In The Car Sales Process

Fuelled by an explosion in demand for electric and hybrid vehicles, the UK consumer vehicles industry is fast-paced, complex, and often stressful – for both sales professionals and customers alike.

To respond to rapid fluctuations in customer demand and expectations, professionals in the automotive sales sector need to be equipped with the best software tools to maximise their opportunities and provide a responsive service. One of the digital solutions that’s transforming the landscape of automotive sales is the CPQ system. Short for “Configure, Price, Quote”, CPQ software helps sales teams optimise their processes and deliver a more responsive and personalised customer experience. So, what are CPQ systems, and how can they enhance the car sales process?

An Introduction To CPQ Systems

CPQ sales tools are software applications that automate the sales process from configuration to quotation. Essentially, a CPQ sales tool helps representatives configure customised car options, align them with the customer’s requirements and budget, quickly generate accurate quotes, and, ultimately, maximise sales by shortening the sales cycle. The automotive industry, with its vast array of makes, models, options, and service packages, is a prime environment for CPQ systems to save dealerships both time and money.

How CPQ Systems Enhance The Car Sales Process

Using a CPQ system can provide remarkable benefits for car sales professionals and their clients, including:

1. Streamlined Quoting Process

Gone are the days of manually calculating quotes and painstakingly drafting proposal emails by hand following a face-to-face customer meeting at the dealership! CPQ tools automate the entire process and enable sales teams to build personalised quotes with a few clicks of the mouse, or thumb if using a mobile device. With up-to-date pricing, promotions, warranties, and financing options available in a cloud-based source of truth, CPQ systems can generate error-free quotes in seconds, allowing sales representatives to send professional, comprehensive proposals that strengthen their relationships with customers.

2. Real-Time Configurations

With a CPQ system in place, sales reps can configure cars in real-time to meet customer preferences. Whether it’s adjusting paint colours, selecting interior materials, or choosing between various trim packages and added extras, CPQ software empowers sales staff to showcase the full potential of a car to a customer, making it a more compelling and personalised sales pitch.

3. Enhanced Sales Productivity

By automating the most time-consuming aspects of the car sales process, such as spreadsheet data entry and email writing, CPQ systems allow your team to focus on what they do best – selling vehicles. The efficiency gained from a CPQ sales tool leads to higher sales revenues, a higher average value per sale, faster sales cycles, and higher volumes of cars sold.

4. Improved Customer Satisfaction

As dealerships vie for the same potential customers, providing a flawless and efficient sales experience can be the key differentiator that tips the scales in your favour. CPQ systems help dealerships deliver tailored, professional quotes in person and online that not only impress customers but also instil confidence in your dealership, paving the way for fruitful, long-lasting relationships with your customers.

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